About Linda
Linda brings over 25 years of experience as a clairvoyant,
medium and Tarot reader.  She is also a Reiki Master in
addition to being a licensed and certified Hypnotist Cht, with
a stand-alone location located in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you are seeking a medium reading to connect with a loved
one on the other side, then this is your gal!

Linda is a Pisces with the exemplary traits of the willingness
to help others. She carries the natural Pisces gift of intuition
and empathy.  

She also has a thirst for knowledge in enhancing and
improving her gifts.  Her spare time is often spent traveling
over the US to varying workshops and seminars.

She is an avid collector of Tarot cards.  Give her your line of
questioning and she will choose the deck that is right for you
every time.  Her honesty and compassion in helping others is
simply amazing!

In addition to medium readings, she specializes in love and
relationships and general life questions.
(PLEASE allow for a
30-minute appointment on a Medium Reading.)

Outside of her work and her gifts, she is a mother to a
teenage daughter and describes her life as, “Very fulfilling”.


I have known Linda for many years.  Her readings are
astounding.  I LOVE that she really enjoys digging deep to
get to the root of any situation!  In regards to her medium
readings…grab the tissues, she is “On point”!

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