About Nikki
Nikki brings to you her talents of a gifted Tarot Card Reader.  She is
a Certified Fairyologist through Doreen Virtue.  As well as she holds
a strong connection with the Pendulum. She is a Level II Reiki
Practioner, and an Intuitive Empath.

If you are into Tarot cards or have never experienced a Tarot card
reading, then this is your gal!

Nikki is an Aries with the exemplary traits of being high-energy,
compassionate, and a thirst for the “Need to know”, as well as
being direct. She carries the natural Aries gift of empathy.  

In addition to her many talents, her passion lies in Reiki, the healing
arts and crystal work, which she is currently working on mastering
these gifts.  She enjoys reading, taking classes and anything
pertaining to “Working in the light.”

She is an avid collector of Tarot cards and crystals.  Her natural
curiosity has her dive right into your reading of seeking your direct
answers.  As a Fairyologist, she enjoys her Fairy decks and
handing down those special messages.

She specializes in love and relationships and general life questions,
and work and career.

Nikki resides in New Jersey with her husband Jason, and is the
mother to a 30-year old son.  Her spare time is spent with her
numerous animals as well as her vast collection of stuffed animals.  
Nikki collects stuffed animals for children who want them, like them
or may need them for comfort, and has made her local news in
doing so.  She describes her life as “Busy”, but would not have it
any other way.


I have known Nikki for several years and have watched her grow
as a reader.  Her readings are amazing!  I LOVE that she is direct
and never waivers from what she sees, even if I don’t want to hear
it.  I also enjoy getting a special message from the fairies!
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